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    If you are one of our 360 Mid America Chapter members, we would like to thank you for your continued membership. We hope that you are taking advantage of all the professional benefits that IIDA offers. If your contact information has changed recently, please be sure to log on to www.iida.org to update your information so we can be sure to keep you up to date with the latest events and news happening with IIDA Mid America.

    If you are considering becoming a member of our Chapter, we know you will enjoy all of the professional development and networking opportunities that await you as an IIDA member. Please take a moment to review the various membership options to find the one that will work best for you.

    You can join IIDA at any time by visiting www.iida.org and completing an online application. The IIDA Mid America Chapter hosts a membership drive each November. By offering discounted opportunities, such as waiving the $75 application fee, we hope to encourage many of you to become a member of our Chapter.

    If you have any questions regarding new or existing memberships, please contact Beverly McAuley membership.iidama@gmail.com


    There are extensive benefits for IIDA members both locally and internationally.

    There are two benefits in particular members sometimes over look; the IIDA Knowledge Center and IIDA Forums. These are both great professional research tools so please take a minute to look into these a bit further. We think you will find them very helpful and easy to use.

    IIDA Knowledge Center

    The Knowledge Center is a database that is continuously updated by members posting articles, industry news and lessons learned. You can search posted information by topic, client type or resource type. It’s a great place to gather insight, share advice, and get ideas for your projects.

    IIDA Forums

    When you become a member of IIDA you are asked to select two specialty Industry Forums. These Forums are unique to IIDA and allow the Association to target your needs as a Member and encourage professional development through each of IIDA’s Forums. The forums provide members with discussion of market information, trends, contacts and links to click on the topic below to be connected to the IIDA Forums.

    IIDA Specialty Forums provide members of the design community the opportunity to gain detailed insights into specific markets and areas of concentration. IIDA Forums offer a venue for discussion and dissemination of information on trends, problem-solving strategies and perspectives on current or developing areas of design practice. Each Forum promotes client awareness of the importance and value achieved through retaining knowledgeable, experienced professional interior designers. The Forums also provide the chance to work directly with other design professionals in similar fields, offering outstanding contacts, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive resources.



    Professional Members are actively engaged in the profession of interior design or design education. Applicants for Professional Membership must meet one of the following groups of standards:

    Group 1: Practicing Interior Design Professionals

    Proof of certification date (or test results) by NCIDQ – no other exams are accepted.

    Group 2: Architects

    Proof of either state architectural registration or documentation of successful completion of NCARB exam, and Documentation (resume or current job description, with dates, acceptable) of minimum of six years practice experience in interior design above and beyond those areas tested by the NCARB exam.

    Apply for a Professional Interior Designer Membership
    Apply for a Professional Architect Membership



    Associate Members are actively engaged in the profession. Applicants for Associate Membership must meet the education requirements of the NCIDQ exam or equivalent (a two-year certificate in interior design or equivalent educational credits), but have not completed the exam. To qualify, you must provide an official college transcript or diploma.

    Apply for an Associate Membership



    Affiliate Members are actively engaged in a field of expertise that is directly related to the interior design industry (lighting designers, architects not practicing interior design, photographers, etc.). Please include business card.

    Apply for an Affiliate Membership



    Student Members are defined as actively enrolled either full or part-time in a post-secondary interior design or related education program.

    Apply for a Student Membership


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