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    Understanding the value of continuing education and research has been the mainstay of IIDA since its inception. Educated practitioners make informed, safe, and creative decisions which affect us all. Educational programs serve as a creative outlet to promote awareness regarding pertinent issues within the practice of Interior Design.


    IIDA MID AMERICA chapter is launching our 6th year of the Leading the Way mentorship program.

    This one-to-one mentorship program is designed to highlight IIDA’s emphasis on career growth.

    This program is geared for designers who are on their way to becoming the next generation of leaders within the design community.

    Successful practicing design professionals in interior design and related fields have volunteered to serve as mentors and catalysts for enhancing professional development to selected mentees.  Participation is limited  a maximum of 12 interior designers who are actively employed within the field.  Participants are selected on the basis of their written application and employer recommendations.

    Once selected, a one-year commitment is required with a minimum of 6 interactions with their assigned mentor and participants must be involved in the quarterly events planned for the entire group.

    LEADING THE WAY Application 2018

    IIDA CEU’s available online:  http://www.iida.org/content.cfm/professional-development

    IIDA Mid America CEU’s: refer to calendar of events

    • Courses approved through IDCEC (IDCEC Member Organizations include: ASID, IDC, IDEC, IIDA)
    • Structured Travel/ Study tours led by qualified instructors (self-guided tours are not acceptable)
    • Educational tracks at industry-wide conferences and symposia
    • College courses (not toward a degree)
    • Educational courses at museums and other cultural institutions led by qualified instructors
    • Self-study courses available on the Internet, trade publications and Perspective magazine


    CEU Guidelines:

    • Current CEU compliance period is January 01, 2016-December 31, 2017.
    • IIDA Professional and Associate Members are required to complete and report 1.0 CEU (10 hours) of Continuing Education prior to December 31, 2017.
    • IIDA’s compliance requirements are independent from individual state licensure continuing education requirements.
    • IIDA does not post-date CEUs, so you must submit CEUs within one month of attending program.
    • Keep a copy of all CEU records including Individual Approval Reporting Forms and Certificates of Attendance/Completion.
    • According to IIDA policy, members may be requested to submit proof of course completion to IIDA Headquarters.
    • If you have questions regarding your Continuing Education status, contact NCIDQ to request a transcript of your records at 202.721.0220. Maintenance of CEU records is the responsibility of the individual IIDA member.
    • 10 hours = 1.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Minimum course length for CEU registration is 1 hour. Courses are measured in whole hour increments only.
    • CEUs are not transferable between compliance periods. Any additional credits, above and beyond the required 1.0 CEU and/or accumulated before January 1, 2016, cannot be credited to the current compliance period.
    • Those persons whose join date is listed after January 01, 2016 are NOT required to report any CEU during this compliance period. Their first compliance period will begin January 01, 2018-December 31, 2019.


    The IDCEC CE Registry is a benefit (free) for members of IIDA, ASID and IDC. Members should have received their IDCEC information directly from IDCEC.  A Member mailing occurred in June of 2012.  Those joining after this date would have received email notifications.  If a Member does not have their IDCEC number they can search the IDCEC site using their first name, last name and/or association membership number. Search IDCEC Number   Using their IIDA Member number is the best practice as there may be multiple person with the same name, i.e., John Smith.   Passwords can be resent by the learner clicking on the “Forgotten Password” button at the main login page.  Please note, an email with a temporary password will be sent to the email address listed in the IIDA Member database.

    Only IDCEC approved courses and those approved by IIDA through the individual review process (NICA Form) will be used to determine Members’ compliance. View our Helpful Hints for reporting information.

    • Self-Report IDCEC Course Attendance (JAN-01-2012 to Date) – Use this section to report any IDCEC approved courses that were not reported by the IDCEC Registered Provider
    • Report IDCEC Conference Attendance – Use this section to report any IDCEC approved conference attendance after July 9, 2012, such as NeoCon 2013
    • Report NON-IDCEC Course or Activity Attendance – *Use this section to report any participation to non-IDCEC courses, such as AIA or GBCI courses
    • Report Non-IDCEC Conference – *Use this section to report any participation to non-IDCEC conferences, such as IFMA’s World Workplace Conference & Expo
    • Non-IDCED Registration Process
      Please follow directions at  As of January 1, 2012, the Interior Design Continuing Education Council is responsible for course approvals. Please send course materials to:http://www.iida.org/content.cfm/nicaform

    If you have any questions or would like a step by step on how to navigate the IDCEC website, once you log in there is a link to instruction manual on the initial Dashboard page.


    Missouri Coalition for Interior Design (MCID)
    MCID is a “privately funded, self-sustaining, non-profit corporation dedicated to inform, educate, and provide ongoing advocacy on the behalf of the interior design professional as qualified by or through education, experience and examination to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.” From http://www.missouricoaltionforinteriordesign.org

    The state of Missouri has what is called a “Title Act” (Kansas does not have any laws that recognize interior design as a regulated profession).  It allows a designer to call themselves a “Registered Interior Designer” after an application process.  MCID is the coalition that speaks on the behalf of interior designers that work in Missouri and provides support to lobbyists that represent our interests in Jefferson City.  Interior design legislation allows qualified designers to be recognized as professionals who concern themselves with the health, safety and welfare of the public.  This in turn helps consumers select the most appropriate professional for their projects.

    NCIDQ Study Sessions

    IIDA Mid America chapter hosts a series of study sessions to cover material on the NCIDQ exam twice a year. During the sessions we answer questions, provide additional resources and reading material and provide opportunities for hands-on demonstrations from the experts on many of the important topics covered in the exam. The sessions are located in Kansas City, however a video/phone conference is available for our Wichita City center to participate. The study sessions are free for IIDA members and $50 for non-members.

    Some of the exciting hands-on demonstrations include an informational walk around a local flooring show room, samples of different stages of carpet production and an electrical engineer presenting how lighting can affect the space. New to the study sessions this spring is a previous code reviewer’s presentation on various aspects of the building code and barrier free design the participants will need to know for the exam. We have received positive feedback and the participants love the hands on applications.


    IIDA NCIDQ Study Materials Library

    IIDA Mid America Chapter has made a commitment to provide valuable resources to its members who are preparing to take the NCIDQ exam. In addition to hosting NCIDQ study sessions twice a year, an NCIDQ Study Materials Library has been set up to allow members to check out books and other study materials. Please use the links below to review the NCIDQ Study Materials Guidelines and download the Library List and Check-Out form.

    NCIDQ Study Materials Library Check-Out Request Fall 2014

    NCIDQ Study Materials Library Guidelines Fall 2014

    NCIDQ Study Material Library List Fall 2014

    You can contact Amy Ward, at amy.ward@brrarch.com with any questions.

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